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Beekeeper Studio

Beekeeper Studio is a SQL editor and database manager with hundreds of thousands of users.Beekeeper Studio's docs are built with DuckDocs.


Nice to use Markdown editor

Edit markdown with a color coded editor that is quick and powerful.
Insert images with drag-drop, add custom CSS or HTML if you like.

Automatic Dark Mode

Great looking light and dark themes come as standard for all sites. We will even switch your logo when the user toggles dark mode on/off.

Easy content review

Pages are color coded based on their status, so it's easy to see when a page has updated content and is ready to be published.


All prices are in US Dollars.



Per Month

Custom Domain
Unlimited Public Sites
10 Pages Per Site
'Powered by DuckDocs' In Sidebar



Per Month

Indie features plus...
Unlimited pages
No DuckDocs branding
Perfect for start-ups



Per Month

Pro features plus...
Unlimited private sites
Dedicated Support Contact
Perfect for businesses

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